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Where have I been?

Hi to everyone – I’ve been a bad blogger lately and a bunch of you have written to ask about it. Not to get into too many details that would bore everyone, but life has been pretty hectic and blogging took a backseat for a while. I’m around and will be posting more great stuff soon!  There should be some posts showing some maternity and newborn photos, albums, an engagement session, and some weddi – starting in the next few days.

In addition to the photography side of things, I’ve been working on some new things to make everything a bit “greener” and easier for my clients as well as finishing up a new look for Andrea Kelly Photography with some new fresh colors and a brand new logo!

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Desiree Miller

Hope all is well!!! I came to see if there was anything new myself. Glad things are good. ;)

Kara + Mark: “Just Because”

Many of us never know how appreciated we are or how much of an impact we might make on other people’s lives.  And, rarely do those people let you know…but sometimes, we get lucky…and that’s the story about Kara and Mark.

Kara contacted me to find out if I did sessions that were like engagement sessions, only for married people.  Of COURSE I do!  and they are known as “Just Because” sessions.   As we talked a little more, I found out that she and Mark won a prize from a Philadelphia based non-profit organization designed to help people who face challenges in their lives.  Kara’s friend nominated her and Mark and they were selected from 313 entries.

Without getting into too many details in my blog that may make Kara’s friend uncomfortable, Kara told me a little about her friend’s challenges – being a single mom today (finding out that the man who is the father of her child was not going to be a good influence, she told him goodbye) and from a difficult background where both her parents were addicted to drugs and she was raised by her grandmother.  Kara’s friend has faced many adversities throughout her life, but credits Kara and Mark with being a great inspiration and brings her hope for healthy relationships in her life.

I can say that in the brief time that I spent with the two of them, they are a fantastic couple and it’s been a joy to get to work with them…even with Mark teasing me the entire time. ;)


The two of them got into a leaf fight…more with Mark tossing the leaves than Kara and I have a series of them as they played.  I love that in this photo, it looks as if Mark is making the leaf levitate – what talent! 



Because they spent a lot of time together at Pitt, we had the session take place there…and of course, had to get photos at the Cathedral of Learning.


Kara and Mark – thank you for sharing your story with me and giving me the opportunity to work with you!  Your Christmas cards are on the way – have fun addressing them and getting them sent out!

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Andrea~I love the one at the Cathedral! It definitely needs to be printed big. I’m so excited to see the rest. Thank you so much!

Important holiday deadlines

Need to place a holiday order that is past our deadline dates posted earlier in the blog?  We are (happily!) up to our eyeballs in work currently, so if you are a client and need to have additional portraits, cards, or gifts in time for the holidays, please call and/or email us ASAP with your order.  

Good news for those of you placing your print orders up until Wednesday, November 26th at 5pm – we will be able to provide holiday delivery with no additional rush fees. 

 Can’t get your order in by then, but still need holiday gifts?  We are happy to help – just call us before placing your order. 

a 50% fee will begin for orders needing rush service from December 1-7
a 100% fee will begin for orders needing rush service from December 8-14
a 100% fee plus overnight shipping charges will begin for orders needing rush service from December 15-18
orders placed after December 18 will be processed the following month

Please note that our office will be closed for the Thanksgiving weekend and will reopen on December 1st.  We will also close for the holidays beginning December 20 and will reopen January 12, 2009 although new wedding inquiries will receive responses.

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Erynne + George | engaged

I want to thank Erynne & George for being such good sports while we were shooting in the early morning COLD.  As I was driving from Pittsburgh to Loretto to shoot their engagement session at St. Francis University (where Erynne attended college) and next door at Schwab Estate, I kept looking at the thermometer reading in the car saying, surely it’s going to warm up as the sun starts to rise.  Well, maybe not…but, I think the results are well worth the freezing we did that morning.

 You’ll see these two again next year when they get married in September at Cameron Estate.



In this photo where the grass is shaded in the background, you can tell that there’s frost on the ground.  Yeah, it was cold…and they decided to do the shoot without a coat.



Love how happy Erynne looks here.  George said that he was totally frozen at this point.


Lovely sunflare while under the tree (yup, more shaded areas where we were all freezing!)


And finally back out into the sun to thaw a bit.



There wasn’t as much fall color as we hoped, but we found a few areas that had some nice leaves and we used those areas.  This image needs to be printed HUGE – the small size here just doesn’t do it justice at all. 



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Andrea, I love them! I can’t wait to see the rest! Thank you so much!

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