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Wedding Photographers vs. Volcano…who wins?

Sometimes I get asked by prospective clients, “Well, Andrea, what happens if you can’t make it to our wedding?”  It’s a good and valid question, of course.  At times, people are a little harsher and ask, “What if you die before our wedding?”  Yikes!  Well, luckily, I can assure you that I have absolutely NO plans of dying any time soon…I’m relatively young-ish (late 30’s) and in good health – though I’m trying to get rid of a few pounds (did I mention that I love the metabolism drop that happened to me in my 30’s?) But, I understand their concern that I will be there.

So, yeah, you’re wondering by now, what me dying has to do with volcanoes. Right?  I’m getting there…by way of Eyjafjallajokull, the Icelandic volcano that has been in the news due to it’s recent eruption and resultant air travel disruption.

Interestingly, professional wedding photographers are a fairly tight group – while we are scattered across the country and the world, we have online forums that make us into a family of sorts and we’ve got one another’s backs.  I just saw this phenomenon in action again for this past weekend – probably on a larger scale/greater distance than ever before.

One of the members, posted an urgent message message on Thursday the 15th. He was to fly from the US to Ireland to cover a wedding that was taking place on Saturday, only to find that air travel throughout Europe was being completely shut down due to the volcanic ash.  There was simply no way for him to get there in time for the wedding, even if he was able to re-route his flight and then take trains and ferries to Ireland.  Literally, within an hour of the post, two members of the forum from England stepped forward to say that they would get there.  And within 4 hours, they packed up their gear and began the journey (drive, ferry ride, drive again). 13 hours of hard travel later – they arrived in time to begin coverage.

In the meantime, another forum member was in Moscow where he had just finished giving a seminar and it appeared that he would be unable to make it back in time for his weekend wedding in Dallas, TX.  The original photographer who was not able to fly to Ireland stepped forward to fill in for the member who was stuck overseas.

Some of the resulting images have been shared on the forum – and they are nothing short of amazing.  I think that each of the photographers (who are phenomenal to begin with) brought a little something extra special that day.

Again, I have seen this type of stepping forward within our photographic community on several occasions.  Every single time, I am in awe of the amazing people that I am fortunate enough to know. So, knowing that I am in a community that is not only local, state, or country wide, but instead worldwide, should help to ease the minds of those who are concerned that I might die and not show up to photograph their wedding.;-)

Oh yeah, and in the case of the question of who wins, the wedding photographers kicked Eyjafjallajokull’s butt! Lastly for now, if you would like to check out some really amazing images from the volcano, you need to visit this link:


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