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Dena + Rich | married

Every once in a while, there are weddings that in thinking of how I am going to blog about it, I feel as if it is next to impossible to sum everything up in 10 images or less…this was one of those type of weddings.

In getting to know Dena and Rich through email, phone calls, and a great engagement session, I knew that this was going to be an extra special wedding for me.  I can say that I all my couples just rock, but, often it seems as if the ones that complete an engagement session with me become more sharing of what their day entails, more relaxed knowing that I’m going to get amazing photos for them, and it makes it easier to capture many more of the moments that are important.

During the time that I’ve gotten to know Dena, in addition to her being lovely on the outside – I’ve had an opportunity to see her as a warm, caring, and giving individual.  When I arrived, one of the first photos that I took of the day was one that is telling of Dena’s nature…even on the day of the wedding, when most brides are running around busily trying to get everything together for themselves (and who can blame them?) – she took the time to help her bridesmaid with putting on her makeup.


I loved the way that Dena had her dress arranged and waiting for me to photograph – the ceiling fan worked quite well!  One thing that I remember when talking about Dena was her saying (and Dena, I’m sorry if I’m paraphrasing a bit), “Of course the marriage part of the wedding is the most important thing, but the photos to remember everything by are vital.  It’s all about the photos!”  A woman after my own heart!

The ceremony was held at St. Patrick Cathedral in Harrisburg, PA.  I just couldn’t get enough of photographing while in the church.  It’s nothing short of spectacular.  And the coordinator there – super sweet and helpful to me.

The day was planned to allow for extra time between the ceremony and reception.  While the guests were enjoying cocktail hour, I had the opportunity to get photos of the ballroom and Dena and Rich came in to enjoy the room and practice their foxtrot that they were doing for their first dance.  In the lower left corner of the cake/dance photo, you’ll see a tradition that is less often seen in Pennsylvania, but I love…the Groom’s Cake…to me, any time it means more cake, this is a big plus!  Rich was a very lucky man and got not just one, but two groom’s cakes and all of them were extremely yummy. :)

I just love the closeness that you feel between the two of them here.

So, seriously, how CUTE is this baby?  If I wasn’t photographing a wedding, I would have taken pictures of him all day long!

After we said our goodbyes and as I was getting ready to leave, Dena and Rich came up to the dance floor to dance with each other again…it’s very likely that they didn’t even know that I was still photographing…one of the last photos of the evening – they look as if there is no one else in the world, yet others were dancing all around them.

Church: St. Patrick Cathedral, Harrisburg, PA
Reception: West Shore Country Club, Camp Hill, PA
Dress: Rina Dimontella
Bakery: Dingeldein Bakery, Harrisburg, PA
Florist: Elegance with Flowers, Robin Metz
Flowers used: peonies, orchids, sweet peas, roses
Colors: light pink, pink, dark pink, green

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Oh, I LOVE her cake!! I love it when they add a little color!! Great images, Andrea!

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